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Online software for mediators,
easy to use and affordable.

Welcome to mymediationsoftware.com

Mymediationsoftware.com is an online application specially designed for mediators.

It's basically a CRM - a customer relation management - application filled with the neccessary tools for your daily business.This application will elevate your business to new levels of professionalism, offering more transparancy and ease of use for you and your clients.

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You can try this application free (no strings attached) up to three mediations. When you're happy with it and have more than 3 mediations you can support our mediation software for just $ 19,95 per month.

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mediation software made easy

Easy to use

Our online application is designed to be as lean as possible, with a minimum of bloat. Within 10 minutes you'll feel comfortable with the system.
mediation software made easy


All data is securely stored on our servers and all data is send via https (SSL). We care about your and your customers privacy. Please read our terms and privacy notes
mediation software made easy

24/7 access

Access your clients, mediations, files and documents anytime from any computer, tablet or phone in the world. Our application is webbased, no need to install any software. It works on any Operating system, no matter it's Windows, Linux, iOS, OSX, Symbian etc.
mediation software made easy

Manage clients

It's a full CRM, you can manage your clients, add, edit, search and view all details.
mediation software made easy

Manage mediations

Add details to your mediations, attach files and documents, feedback etc.
mediation software made easy

Time & invoices

Keep track of your time spend on a mediation or client and automatically create an invoice for your hours or project. With the invoice management you always have access to your invoices. Track your time using the build-in stopwatch.
mediation software made easy

Internal mailclient

All correspondence with clients located in one spot. Worldwide access to your correspondence and never loose important emails with clients due to a computercrash.
mediation software made easy

Client access

Clients can get access (if you want to) to their own profile. With client details, documents, feedback, email and appointments with you.
mediation software made easy


You can export all data to .csv for offline use and backup purposes.
mediation software made easy


Keep track of your appointments.
mediation software made easy

TODO & Tasks

A simple, yet effective taskmanager.
mediation software made easy


Give confidience to your clients by introducing a feedbacksystem. Your clients can give feedback on your services, for you to learn from.
mediation software made easy

Online mediations

Online mediation with multiple clients with our internal secure conversation application. Download a transcript after each mediation for offline use.
mediation software made easy


Manage your meeting (minutes) reports of mediations. You can either create them online or create them in your favourite wordprocessor and attach them in your report module.
mediation software made easy

Files & Documents

All your important files, agreements and other mediation- or client related documents in one place.
Sign up now and try our online application for free up to 3 mediations. When you're happy with it and have more than 3 mediations you can support our mediation software for just $ 19,95 per month. Automatic payments can be done through a monthly Paypal subscription.

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Don't just take our word for it, see what others have to say:

Simply the best software for a mediator ~ T. Jones (Washington DC)
.. it helps my streamline my processes and it saves me time ~ Mirella Santiago (Montpellier)
Can't say more than kudos to your, great program! ~ Sally (San Diego)
It's a time saver! ~ Dan Pico (New-York)
Easy, fast and no worries about data loss, excellent. ~ M. Shamalanian (Pune)
Works like a charm. ~ Pedro (Sao Paulo)
.. after 3 computer crashes and 3 times loosing my client list, this software is a breath of fresh air .. ~ Pete (Madrid)
mymediationsoftware.com is software for any (ADR) mediator, arbitrator or alternative dispute resolution specialist.
Mediation software or arbitration software is an important tool for neutral case management, case tracking and reporting and is perfect for online case management (for example family mediation) and conflict resolution.

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